12 Unanticipated Benefits of a Clean Home

Most people live busy lives and find it difficult to carve out time for regular and deep home cleanings. Yet, there are few things in life that yield as many diverse benefits as a clean home. Fortunately, for those who don’t have time or dread cleaning, there are reputable companies, such as Property Refresh, that offer professional housekeeping services. When it come to a clean home environment, here are twelve unexpected benefits.

Healthier Environment
A dusty and dirty home can increase the spread of bacteria and colds. Also, lurking dust mites, mold and pet dander can trigger and sustain allergic reactions, decrease air quality and increase asthma problems. Consequently, a clean, dust-free, home is an easy way to provide you and your family with a healthy environment.

Increased Organization
Most people live busy lives. An unkept, disorganized, home can make it day-to-day activities a bit more challenging. It can be unnecessarily difficult to find things. A clean home is innately more organized, making it easier to navigate and find things.

Reduce Risks
Clutter around a home can pose some safety risks, particularly when it comes to small children. Maintaining a clean and well-kept home reduces the likelihood of trips, falls and other accidents.

“Falls and fires are two leading causes of injuries and deaths inside the home,” says Gary Bettenhausen, Bureau Chief of EMS from the Oak Lawn Fire Department. “Tripping over objects and slipping on slick surfaces can cause head injuries and broken and sprained limbs, which can result in a trip to the hospital emergency room.”

Peace and Tranquility
Most people can emotionally feel the difference between entering a messy verses clean home. The former is far more likely to induce pleasant feelings, including a sense of peace and tranquility. Conversely, going home to a unkempt and disorganized illicit unpleasant and stressful emotions.

“When you live in a messy home, you are subconsciously reminded of work that needs to be finished and visually, your eyes do not have a place to rest,” says Dr. Rian Rowles, a psychiatrist in Oak Lawn, Ill. “Too much clutter can cause tremendous stress and fatigue.”

Supports Happiness
Life is short; happiness matters. Few, if any, people are happier living in a unkept, disorganized home. Most are usually much happier dwelling in a clean and organized space.

Ready for Visitors
It’s not difficult to imagine the fear and dread that comes from receiving unexpected guests when your home isn’t clean. By maintaining a clean abode, there is no need fear or dread unexpected visitors. Also, you will not need to race around less minute tidying things up.

Find What You Need
Hide and seek isn’t always a fun game, particularly if your short on time. Among other things, a clean and tidy home makes it far easier to find things. In a clean, organized and well-dept home, everything has it’s place.

You Save Money
Being able to find what you need can save money. It reduces the chances of purchasing something you already possess. Also, your home items will tend to last longer if they are well-kept.

It Makes You More Productive
Studies show that people who live and work in clean environments are usually more focused and productive at home and work. This tends to can lead to better overall outcomes, including earning more money.

An Indiana University study discovered a correlation between a clean home and physical fitness. Research participants with cleaner homes exercised more often than those with less kept homes. “At the end of the day, the interior condition of their house seemed to be the only thing affecting their physical activity,” stated activity expert Nicole Keith.

Sense of Accomplishment
When you have your home professionally cleaned or when you do it yourself, you reap the immediate benefits, along with a feeling of efficacy and accomplishment- even if you are savvy enough to hire cleaning professionals to do the work.

Weight Loss
Cornell University researchers discovered that the state of a home may impact eating habits. The study involved setting up two test kitchens with healthy and unhealthy snacks. One kitchen was organized and the other was messy and disorganized. The study participants consumed nearly twice as many unhealthy calories when working in the messy kitchen.

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