5 Deck Sealing Tips You Need to Know

Homeowners who have a deck often think of it as an additional room outside their home. Our decks get just as much use as the family room when the weather is nice. 

Deck sealing can help you prevent wear and tear from the harsh elements and keep your deck looking beautiful for years to come. If you are looking to seal or stain your deck, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these five deck sealing tips to ensure you are sealing your deck properly. 

1. Always Check the Weather

One important tip that many homeowners forget to do before they begin deck sealing is to check the weather report. You will need at least two days of dry weather with temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees in order for your sealant to dry properly. 

The last thing you want to do is be in the middle of deck sealing and get hit with an afternoon rainstorm. It can ruin your deck sealing and not to mention cost a lot of money in additional supplies to fix the problem. 

The same goes for deck stain. Don’t learn the hard way. Just check the weather report before you plan on beginning your project to save yourself some time and hassle. 

2. Prep Your Deck

In order to get the best deck seal, you will need to prep your deck. Start by removing all of the furniture off of your deck. Make sure you remove plants or anything else that is on top of your deck as well.

Now you can begin to sand your deck. The entire deck must be sanded with a pole sander or a palm sander. Use a dust mask when you are sanding and wear safety glasses to ensure you do not get small pieces of wood in your eyes or inhale them. 

Sand in the direction of the grain. If you spot any nails that have popped out go ahead and hammer them back in while you complete this process. If you notice some boards are damaged or beginning to rot, now is also a great time to replace those boards. 

After you are done sawing, sweep your deck free of debris. The last thing you want is sawdust to wind up in your deck stain or sealant. Then cover your siding and plants that are along the edges of your deck to protect them from being painted.

You can cover your plants and siding with plastic, paper, or a tarp you already have. There is no need to purchase something specifically for this task. 

Some homeowners also like to pressure wash an older deck before they begin the sanding. If mold, algae, or dirt is caked onto your deck you may want to consider renting a pressure washer or hiring a service to come pressure wash your deck before you sand. 

Lastly, make sure you stir the sealant or stain. Now you are fully prepped. 

3. Applying the Deck Seal

We often see people asking, “Can I Seal a deck myself?” The answer is of course you can. However, depending on the size of your deck it can be a really big project. Perhaps now is the time to call in that favor from your brother in law or even hire a professional to come and take care of the hard work. 

If you’ve decided to seal or stain the deck yourself then keep reading. You’ll want to apply a thin layer of sealer or stain over a two to three board section.

Make sure that the coats are relatively even. You don’t want to end up with one board that has a lot of stain or sealer gobbed on there.

You can use a roller, a hand brush, or even a sprayer to do the job. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat. The thicker the coast the longer it will take to dry and the more chances there are of it not drying properly.  

Watch out while you are painting. Do not allow the stain or sealer to puddle. To speed up the process you should ideally have one person apply the stain and one person uses a roller to spread out puddles and work the stain into the wood. 

Then after you’ve painted every inch you want to go ahead and repeat the process to give the deck a second coat. Use a small paintbrush for any hard to reach areas or nooks and corners. 

4. Allow the Deck to Dry

After you applied the second coat you can now relax. The hard part is finished. Now the deck needs to dry. Go ahead and remove the plastic covering from your siding and rinse them off. 

Keep an eye on the deck if you have trees in your backyard to make sure leaves or debris do not fall onto your deck while you are waiting for it to dry. 

The deck should dry for two days before you can begin to use it again. If you live in a more humid climate it may take even longer to dry because the humidity affects how fast the stain and sealer can dry. 

After your deck is dried fully you can begin placing your furniture and plants back on the deck and feel free to walk across it. 

5. Hire a Professional

There are so many things that could go wrong when you try to seal and stain a deck by yourself. A professional team who works on decks all the time has the process down pat and they know how to seal a deck in as little time as possible while delivering a great product. 

If you’re asking how often do I seal a deck, well the answer varies from deck to deck and how it is used. A professional team can ask you some questions about your deck and give you the best answer. 

Deck Sealing Can Keep You Deck Looking Nice For Years

Deck sealing is a lot of work but it can help keep your deck looking beautiful for many years. If you don’t have the time or the patience to seal and stain your own deck, or if you want to make sure it gets done right the first time, call Deck Doc. 

Deck Doc is a deck sealing and staining company based in Chicago. Our team of professionals are skilled and knowledgeable and have an unwavering commitment to customer service.

You’ll be happy with the results of your deck after you hire Deck Doc. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

7 Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

Is your home looking a little grungy with dirt, algae, and pollen? The answer to sprucing up your home could be as simple as a pressure washer.

The pressure washer market is a $1.8 billion industry for good reason. This simple tool does more than just get rid of a little dirt from your siding. It can save you time and money, improve results of home improvement projects, and extend the life of your home’s exterior materials.

Keep reading for benefits of power washing that you might not consider.

1. Restore Curb Appeal

A cleaner, fresher look is the most obvious and immediate benefit of power washing your house. You remove dirt, grime, and other gunk that makes your house look old.

Regular power washing instantly improves your curb appeal even if you don’t do anything else to your house. It’s a simple and inexpensive starting point for improving curb appeal without doing any construction or renovations.

Power washers work on a variety of outdoor surfaces, including siding, sidewalks, driveways, fences, decks, and patios. That means you can freshen up all types of surfaces around your home and improve your overall curb appeal.

If you’re selling your home, curb appeal is a big factor in getting potential buyers inside your home. If you’re not planning to move soon, having your home look nice gives your pride in your home a boost. It feels good to drive up to a clean, well-maintained home and know its yours.

2. Prepare for Projects

Most outdoor projects start with a fresh, clean surface. Resealing a deck, painting siding, and refinishing a pool are just a few of the projects that require a thorough cleaning before you can start. 

Power washing helps remove the dirt and grime on those surfaces that you’re planning to refinish. The clean surface lets the new finish go on smoothly and stick better, so your project results are much better. Without proper power washing, your new finish might peel off quickly and force you to redo the work.

3. Prevent Damage

Regular power washing is a maintenance task that can prevent damage and extend the life of things such as your siding, deck, and shutters. Stains that aren’t removed quickly can remain permanently or be much more difficult to remove. 

Mold that’s not removed does more than look bad. It can feed on finishes, which damages them and forces you to refinish your surfaces. 

Other debris that stays on your home can cause additional damage, such as deterioration. Replacing the rotting components can be quite expensive, especially if the damage is extensive. Simple power washing can prevent that expensive damage, saving you time and money.

4. Improve Health of Your Home and Family

Power washers remove more than just dirt. They can eliminate algae, mold, mildew, allergens, and other tiny things that can make your family sick. 

Allergies affect more than 50 million Americans yearly. Regular power washing can remove the allergens that cause your family to sneeze and feel miserable seasonally. Keeping your outdoors cleaner can minimize how much of the irritants get inside your home, which can help you maintain a healthier, cleaner home environment.

Another way power washing can improve the safety of your home is by removing slippery coatings. Algae, grime, and other coatings on decks and sidewalks can make those surfaces slippery. Keeping them clean removes those slippery coatings and lets you walk safely.

5. Protect the Environment

The pressure of the water is often enough to clean up your home’s exterior without harsh cleaners. You don’t have to worry about cleaners killing plants in your landscaping, making your pets sick, or causing damage to other surfaces. You also keep the cleaners from running into the local water supply, which can affect wildlife and drinking water.

If you do need a little cleaner to help remove everything, you have the option of choosing environmentally friendly cleaners. These biodegradable options protect your immediate landscaping and minimize your impact on the larger environment in your area.

Trying to tackle the same job with just a garden hose could use more water. Since the power washer is much more efficient, you can get the job done quickly with less water.

6. Save Time

If you need to clean your home’s exterior anyway, power washing can save a lot of time. The pressure from the water makes quick work of cleaning, making it much faster to remove the grime than scrubbing it by hand. 

Pressure washing is also easier on you than scrubbing. You can usually stand upright when using a power washer instead of bending over or getting on your hands and knees if you scrub things by hand.

If you hire a professional power washing company to do the work, you save even more time. You don’t have to worry about the power washer setup or figuring out the best way to approach the job. It’s also a lot easier since you don’t have to worry about ladders and other equipment setup.

7. Increase Home Value

Having a clean home exterior can increase your home’s value. When your home looks better, it’s perceived as being worth more.

That can be especially important when you’re preparing to sell your home. Pressure washing your home before you sell could bump up your selling price by $10,000 to $15,000 just by making a good impression on buyers. The small amount you invest in power washing could really pay off in your home sale.

If you skip this step, potential buyers will notice any dirt, grime, algae, or other gunk on the home. They might think that you’ve neglected other tasks around the house, and they might start wondering if there are hidden issues with the home.

Enjoy the Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

Power washing is a simple home maintenance task that can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and stability. Whether you do the power washing yourself or hire a professional, you get an instant improvement in your home.

Would you rather leave power washing to the professionals? Contact us today to schedule power washing services.

5 Reasons to Deep Clean Your Home After Every Season

House cleaning by professional cleaners near me Property Refresh

Cleaning up the house on a regular basis is essential. The dishes will need to be done. The laundry will need cleaning and folding, and a little dusting and vacuuming can help keep your home clean to the naked eye. 

How will you know when it’s time to deep clean the house, however? Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to scrub the toilets or under the cabinets each week. Life gets busy and there are other priorities to take care of. 

Deep cleaning should be done as part of your seasonal house cleaning, though. If you deep clean your home after each season, then you can ensure your home will stay fresh, clean, and healthy throughout the entire year. Are you wondering what are some specific reasons why you should do this each season?

In the guide below, you’ll discover several reasons to deep clean after the seasons and the benefits of doing so. Continue reading to learn more!

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5 Big Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

The professional cleaning industry employs 3.5 million people in the United States alone. That means no shortage of people who are experts at keeping a place looking and feeling its best.

Despite this, people are often reluctant to hire professional house cleaning services. They see it as an unnecessary expense, or don’t want to have to change their schedule to accommodate a cleaning service. 

More and more people, however, are leaning towards hiring the services of one of these companies. When the advantages are all weighed up and the misconceptions dispelled, it’s easy to see why. 

House cleaning services can actually have an enormous and positive impact on your life. Not just on the cleanliness of your environment, but even your financial and mental states.

1. Professional House Cleaning Services Are a Huge Time-Saver

The time it takes to clean your house is not insignificant. Even if you live in a smaller space, the hours will add up. The average American spends nearly six hours a week cleaning their house.

Imagine what that time could be used for if you didn’t have to clean?

If you attempt to cut down on that cleaning time, chances are, the job isn’t getting done properly. It’s time efficiency vs. cleanliness: but you don’t have to make that choice. It’s completely possible to have both — just maybe not by working alone. 

Hire someone to do the job for you, and you can spend that six hours or more on something else while your house is spotless. There are only so many hours in the day.

2. They Can Actually Save You a Lot of Money

Many people are reluctant to commit to pro cleaning services because of the cost involved. They imagine that paying someone to clean their house is going to be far more expensive than doing the job themselves.

It’s not always true.

Not only does cleaning require supplies, but it also requires professional equipment. They’re expensive to go out and purchase but if you hire professional house cleaning, all that equipment comes included.

Yes, it is an added expense, but it shaves money off elsewhere and balances out. If you have a company that provides the cleaning service for you, there’s no need to keep most cleaning products in your house. 

One thing you can delete from the shopping list!

3. They Can Work on Your Schedule

You don’t necessarily have to fit in with the schedule of cleaning services. You can usually work together to find a schedule that works for you.

If you’d like your house cleaned while you’re working so that you get off work to a clean, tidy house, great. If you’d like it done on the weekends while you’re relaxing, that’s fine too.

Professional cleaning services have flexible hours, because they know their clients’ schedules are important. 

It’s all a matter of talking to the company and finding out what works for you both. 

4. Keep Your Energy for the Activities You Love

So say you do have the six hours a week to spare for cleaning. You dedicate your entire Saturday afternoon to it, which doesn’t matter, because you don’t usually have plans on that day anyway.

By the time it comes to the evening, you might be too tired to do anything else. Going out with friends feels much better when it’s done after a day of relaxing than after a day of cleaning, running around trying to get everything done before you can allow yourself to have fun.

Proper cleaning doesn’t just take up time, but it takes up valuable energy too. Professional house cleaning comes with advantages even for those who do have the time to do their own cleaning. 

You’ll see a huge difference in how motivated you are when your house is free of clutter.

5. You’ll Never Be Able to Clean as Well as a Professional

The truth of the matter is, you’ll probably never be able to clean as well as a professional company.

These professionals are trained in getting into every corner and making sure your house is in top condition. There are times when you simply can’t get a stain out of a rug, or when the pet smell is lingering long after you think you’ve scrubbed everything to perfection, and this is where cleaning companies really shine. 

Even if you haven’t cleaned your house to this standard in far too long, they can have everything looking as good as new.

All of those old smells you keep catching whiffs of, that stain you keep catching in the corner of your eye that’s driving you insane but you’ve made your peace with — they can be gotten rid of. You aren’t stuck with them!

There’s no shame in not being as good as a professional. That’s what they’re trained to do, after all, and the services are well worth it.

All in All, They’re Life-Changing!

Professional house cleaning services are life-changing. They’ll free up your time so you can dedicate it to your work, hobbies, family and friends — whatever is important to you.

They’ll also keep your house in top condition so that you can feel safe and relaxed in the space, and would be proud to show your home to any guest that you might have over.

The cost is usually well worth it when compared to the cost of personal cleaning equipment, and the result certainly is!

Contact us to discuss making your home look and feel amazing.

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Many people have either never consider hiring a professional cleaning service or assume it’s an unnecessary expense since they can do it themselves. Some may even feel uncomfortable with the idea of having someone else do the work. Yet, given the numerous reasons to hire a cleaning provider it might be worth reconsidering these hesitations.

Save Time

Most people are extremely busy. There is always a list of things to do, which goes well beyond keeping and maintaining a well-kept home. Often cleaning can end up taking a back seat to more pressing priorities. Hiring professionals will free up your time so you can focus on more important and/or enjoyable activities, while enjoying a clean environment.

Stress Reduction

Most people do not enjoy cleaning and struggle to find time do it. If you live with others, it can even lead to arguments. Instead of constantly struggling with unpleasant cleaning chores, why not outsource it to experts. Most professional cleaning providers offer one-time, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly cleaning services. Imagine the pleasant stress reduction enjoyed by those who use weekly cleaning services.

Cost Effective

Professional cleaning services are available at affordable rates for most homeowners. Also, most use their own supplies and equipment to ensure the work is done completely and correctly.


Many dwellings face a never ceasing onslaught of dust. Dust accumulates on fans, light fixtures, bookshelves, tables, edges, blinds and just about everywhere.  Not only is the dust unsightly, it can also negatively impact your home’s air quality. What a relief it is to have a someone else do all the dusting.


Keeping floors clean is a never-ending task. Without regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping dirt quickly accumulates, leading to an unpleasant appearance. Consequently, it’s important to completely clean floors weekly or bi-weekly. Depending upon on the home’s size, this could be a daunting time-consuming task.

Better Results

Cleaning professionals know how to efficiently and properly clean a home which includes floors, bathrooms, fans, dusting, and so on. They will make sure the job gets done completely. In general, hiring a professional cleaning services delivers better results than doing it yourself.

It Feels So Good

There are few things that feel as good as entering a professionally cleaned home. Instead of feeling disheartened and stressed by a disheveled situation, you can kick back and simply just enjoy your home.  

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9 Reasons Why A Clean House Is Better

A clean house simple looks and feels better than a messy, cluttered or disorganized one. Also, there is no need to worry about someone knocking on your door unexpectedly. Moreover, you can freely invite friends and family to home without fear or apprehension. In many ways, a clean house is truly liberating.

Less Stress

In a real sense, a clean home can lead to feeling happier and less stressed. A 2010 study in Personality and Social Psychology found that women living in unkept homes have higher levels of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. The study suggests that than those with tidy houses experience less stress.

Looks Good

A clean house simple looks and feels better than a messy, cluttered or disorganized one. Also, there is no need to worry about someone knocking on your door unexpectedly. Moreover, you can freely invite friends and family to home without fear or apprehension. In many ways, a clean house is truly liberating.

Focus and Productivity

It is difficult to focus and productive in an unkempt environment. Clutter and disorganization can be distracting, making it difficult to concentrate. Moreover, it is likely that some mental energy is going towards thinking about the clutter or the need to tidy up. When your home is clean it’s easier to stay focused. Moreover, studies have shown that when people live and work in clean home, they are tend to do better at work.


A clean home supports and reinforces a healthy self-esteem. At a conscious and unconscious level, it says you are important and your living conditions matter. In many ways, how we take care of our home reflects how we treat ourselves and vice versa. Moreover, completing a cleaning task usually accompanies a sense of accomplishment, energy boost, and contentment.

Value-Added Exercise

Cleaning requires moving. While it may not burn as many calories as a gym workout, it still involves exercising muscles. Depending on the time and type of cleaning, you can might even break a sweat. At the end of your “exercise” session, you’ll have the added benefits that come from efforts.

Save Time and Money

When a home is clean and well organized it is much easier to find things. The time involved in finding things is significantly reduced.  Also, this can lead to saving money by avoiding replacement purchases for things you already own but are unable to find.

Good Example

For those with children, maintaining a clean home sets a good example. It may also help to establish good habits that will serve them well in life.

Promotes Sleep

There are few things more relaxing than a clean bedroom- one with a freshly made bed. It isn’t difficult to imagine that a clean home and bedroom promotes sleep. Based on a survey study, the National Sleep Foundation discovered that just making your bed in the morning increases the odds getting a good night’s sleep by nearly twenty percent.

Physical Health

A clean and well dusted home means fewer places for allergens, germs and bacteria to hide. Overtime dust and allergens can build up in upholstery, carpeting and bedding. This can contribute or worsen asthma or allergies. Consequently, a clean home leads to a healthier environment. 

Despite all the great reasons why a clean house is beneficial, many people may find it difficult to achieve or maintain. This may due to poor habits, chaotic schedules, physical limitations, avoidance, and more. Fortunately, you do not need to clean your home to enjoy the benefits of a clean home. You can simple hire someone to do a deep initial cleaning, followed by regular weekly or bi-weekly cleanings.

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Spring Home Maintenance: Home Cleaning, Window Washing, Pressure Wash and Clean Out Gutters

Spring is the perfect time to tackle home maintenance. This includes a deep home cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, and cleaning gutters. Completing these upkeep tasks help to protect your home’s value, appearance and function, while reducing future costly repairs.

Home Cleaning

Few things feel as good as a sparkling clean home.  Also, studies have shown that people with clean houses tend to be healthier, less stressed, more focused, sleep better and happier. However, many homeowners live very busy lives and struggle to keep up with the basics: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, bed, and so on. At least twice a year, a deep cleaning is recommended which includes whipping down all services including baseboards, ceilings, walls, appliances, cabinets, blinds, windows, and all nooks and crannies.  

Wash Windows
A complete window cleaning, inside and out, drastically improves a home’s appearance from the inside, out. It also invites more light into the home improving everyone’s mood while enhancing the view.  Also, window washing offers an opportunity to inspect windows and screens for any potential issues. Catching and addressing these issues early can help homeowners avoid future costly repairs or replacements.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is the best way to clean home siding, sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks and more.  If done right, it can restore surfaces to nearly original appearance, extend the life of decks, and reduce indoor allergen levels. Power washing also helps to prevent permanent damage or slippery surfaces caused by mold, moss, stains, dirt and grime. However, it’s extremely important to use the pressure washer correctly, otherwise it’s easy to cause costly damages. When in doubt it’s best to hire experienced pressure washing professionals.

Clean Gutters
A key part of home maintenance is cleaning gutters and downspouts at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. A home’s gutter system is key to keeping water away from your home, roof and foundation. However, overtime leaves and debris often end up in gutters which can cause clogs. Clogged gutters can lead to various issues that may lead to costly problems such as a leaky roof and interior or exterior water damages. Consequently, regularly gutter cleaning is vital to a well-functioning home.

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Property Refresh offers satisfaction guaranteed house cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning and window washing services throughout Chicagoland. Call 224-386-4836 to schedule your free, no obligation in-home estimate.