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Property Refresh

Window & Gutter Cleaning, Power Washing and House Cleaning in Highland Park, IL

   Property Refresh is a family-owned cleaning service company serving Highland Park, IL, Highwood, Lake Forest, Deerfield, and multiple areas around with top-notch home cleaning services. We are available for
Window cleaning
House cleaning
Gutter cleaning and gutter guards installation
Power washing services.
Property Refresh serves residential and business customers.
   Our company grows, making life easier for our customers. We know life gets busy, between work, school, kids, extra-curricular activities, and so much more, the last thing anyone wants is to do chores around the house. That's where we come in! Property Refresh is always ready to make your house one of the cleanest in Highland Park, IL. We offer several exterior and interior cleaning services.
   Window cleaning and gutter cleaning - clean windows can make your home brighter and improve its overall appearance. You can rely on us to make your windows sparkle beautifully, polish your chandelier, and clean out your gutters while respecting your family and your residence.
   We provide the highest quality service while moving around your home carefully. We wear clean shoe covers and use robber pads for ladders to protect your carpet and wood floors. Our cleaning solution is environmentally-friendly, so you and your family are not subjected to harsh fumes. Our uniformed window cleaners before and house cleaners say "hi" and introduce themselves before start cleaning, so you know who is making your home shine!
   Our gutter cleaners are handpicked and are committed to following our proven cleaning and repair process. Your search for the perfect gutter specialist ends with us. We will also spot general problems that can extend the life of the window by addressing the issue as soon as possible. Having the latest and top products ensures we can provide the right window cleaning to each window type.
   Pressure washing is a great way to keep pollutants such as mold, carbon, mildew, dirt, algae, and others from settling on your structure. Having your property power washed can also give it more appeal to customers, visitors, and even increase the value because of improved curb appeal.