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Window Washing

What To Expect

Property Refresh’s professional window cleaning crews are equipped with their own cleaning supplies and tools (tall ladders, buckets, detergents, squeegees etc.). They will clean both interior and exterior windows or exterior only, screens, tracks and any associated windowsills. We hire only the very best window cleaners or fully train them before they arrive at your property. Our technicians are insured, bonded and experienced.

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Do your windows look dirty or streaky? Do your windows need to be refreshed after a rainstorm? Is residue preventing you from seeing clearly through the glass? Has it been a long time since you have had your windows cleaned? Are you preparing to sell your property and want to improve its curb appeal? Whatever the situation, Property Refresh can help!

One of our most popular and frequently selected services includes professional window cleaning. We have both the expertise and experience required to deliver the type and quality of professional window cleaning services you expect.

Here are the benefits for getting your windows professionally cleaned on a frequent basis:

  • You will be able to see clearly through the glass since our professionals will remove all streaks, rain spots and grime
  • You will prolong the life of your windows as dirt and grime can get etched into the glass over time
  • You will have more time to do something else
  • It is safer to hire professionals who have the right tools and equipment than trying to do it yourself.

Many windows nowadays are coated with polymers, so if you use certain chemical detergents on them, you will be left with streaky residues, making them harder to clean. By choosing Property Refresh, Inc to clean your windows, we will ensure that the right detergents are used, leaving your windows looking spotless, and like new again.

What We Provide

Maybe you need your roof skylights cleaned, or you need to schedule a seasonal window cleaning session for all of your windows; whatever window cleaning service you need, you have come to the right place!

We also offer competitively priced maintenance deals, should you choose to have your windows cleaned on a frequent or seasonal basis.

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Window Washing Pricing

Nr. of Panes Inside/Outside Outside Only
1-15 $110 $80
16-25 $130 $90
26-35 $165 $100
36-45 $200 $130
46-55 $230 $150
56-65 $260 $175
66-75 $280 $185
76-85 $300 $200
85-100 $330 $220
100-125 $380 $250
126-150 $450 $300


French Style Windows

Inside and Outside
$5 per window
Outside Only
$3 per window
French Style Doors and Picture Windows
$8 to $25 per window

Storm Windows

Removable Storm Panes (half of window size)
$3 each
Removable Storm Windows (full window size)
$5-$8 each
Wood Storms (depending on size)
$5 to $10 each
Pella Storm Panes (depending on size)
$4 to $6 each
Screwed on Storm Windows
$5 to $10 each
Oversize Or Screw-on Storm Panes
$8 to $50 each

Window Screens

Screens Brushed (depending on size)
$2-$3 each
We Use Screen-Cleaning Machine to Wash Screens (depending on size).
$4-$5 each

Other Services

Oversize Windows (depending on size).
$8-$25 in/out or $5-$10 out/only
Windows in Wells
$10 each
Skylights in/out
$15 each
Skylights out only
$8 each
Window Frames & Tracks
$2 to $5 each
Ceiling Fans
$15 to $30 each
Scraping or Chemical Wash
$5 to $10 per window