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5 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Service

Did you know that on average, it can take you 3 hours to clean your windows? That’s just for a normal-sized home.

Imagine if you owned a business that has more windows than the average house. How long do you think it would take you to clean them?

Since most people don’t want to spend even 15 minutes cleaning windows, you may want to consider hiring a professional window cleaning company. Not only do they have the time to dedicate to this task, but they’ll also make sure it’s done right.

Read on to discover some other benefits to hiring professional window washers.

1. Extend the Life of Your Windows

Your windows are exposed to a lot, on both the inside and outside of your home or business. The outside of your window is exposed to a wide range of adverse weather conditions, including ice, hail, hard rain, and wind.

Dirt and debris also impact the outside of your windows, as does pollution and smoke.

On the inside, your windows are exposed to dirt and debris, chemicals, hard water, and smoke from cooking incidents and potentially tobacco smoke.

If left to sit on your window for extended periods of time, any of these elements can scratch or corrode the surface. As these elements build up, it can also make it tough to see out of the glass.

Do your windows a favor and have them cleaned by a professional. This will ensure that the harmful elements are removed so that your windows can last for as long as possible.

2. Make Your Windows More Efficient

When you hire a professional to do window washing at your home or business, they’ll be able to detect if there are any problems or issues.

These might include chips or cracks in the glass or damaged window seals. If you don’t take care of these problems, this could cause fogging or condensation to build up on your window or on the window sill, and that can lead to mold growth.

A leaky window can also have an impact on how efficiently your home or office is heated and cooled.

Cracks and leaks in the window can allow the air from the inside of your space to escape, which means your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature.

If you want to make sure you aren’t paying more than necessary to keep everyone comfortable, then having a professional discover these issues and getting them fixed is in your best interest.

3. They Use the Right Products

If you want your window cleaning to be done right, you need to call in professionals. They have the cleaning products that will make your glass sparkle, and you won’t have to worry about streaks.

They also have the right equipment to clean your windows without scratching or damaging the glass. Since the goal is to have dazzling windows that last as long as possible, getting a professional window washing can help you achieve that goal.

4. They Know How to Clean Safely

You might not think that washing windows is hazardous, but it is—especially if you have to climb onto a ladder to reach windows on the second story of your house or office building.

The vast majority of ladder accidents happen at the home, so calling in a professional to clean windows that are one or several stories off the ground will reduce the risk of injury.

Whether the professional window washer uses a ladder or has extended equipment to clean your high windows, you can rest assured that your windows will get cleaned properly and everyone will be safe during the process.

5. A Professional Window Cleaning Will Improve the Appearance of Your Home or Business

As mentioned, your windows are exposed to a lot of elements on both the inside and outside of your business or home. If you let the dirt, debris, fingerprints, smudges, and water deposits build up over time, your home or office windows will make your structure look run down.

The filth can also obscure the incoming light, and this can make the inside of your home or office feel or look dingy.

When you get your windows professionally cleaned, they will create a sparkling, bright environment that is sure to impress anyone who enters your home or business.

Being exposed to sunlight can also boost your mood while you’re at home. It can also have an impact on how productive your employees are.

Professional window washing is especially beneficial for businesses, as it helps you create a great first impression with customers. Having natural lighting can also highlight and help sell your products.

How Often You Should Get Your Windows Cleaned?

Now that you know having a professional window washing can be beneficial in a variety of different ways, you may be wondering how often you should get your windows cleaned.

For businesses, if you are trying to make your office or store more appealing, it’s recommended that you get your windows cleaned three to four times a year.

The same can also be true for a residential property, as this will ensure that you are removing any dirt or grime built up.

Although, if your windows are exposed to a lot of pollution, adverse weather conditions, or people, then getting them cleaned more often might be advised.

Remember, your windows play a huge role in how your house or business looks. If they are dirty, people might assume the rest of your house or your business is dirty as well. Be sure to make a good first impression and get your windows cleaned as often as necessary.

Work with the Right Cleaners

At Property Refresh, we know how important it is to have a properly cleaned house or business. We have the skills and expertise to ensure that your windows are as clean and streak-free as possible.

Don’t trust your professional window cleaning to just anyone. Work with the best. We have the tools and supplies to clean the interior and exterior of your windows and remove any dirt or grime that may have collected on the glass.

Whether you need your windows cleaned to remove spots after a rainstorm or so that the sun can shine into your space, we can clean it all. Contact us today!

5 Big Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

The professional cleaning industry employs 3.5 million people in the United States alone. That means no shortage of people who are experts at keeping a place looking and feeling its best.

Despite this, people are often reluctant to hire professional house cleaning services. They see it as an unnecessary expense, or don’t want to have to change their schedule to accommodate a cleaning service. 

More and more people, however, are leaning towards hiring the services of one of these companies. When the advantages are all weighed up and the misconceptions dispelled, it’s easy to see why. 

House cleaning services can actually have an enormous and positive impact on your life. Not just on the cleanliness of your environment, but even your financial and mental states.

1. Professional House Cleaning Services Are a Huge Time-Saver

The time it takes to clean your house is not insignificant. Even if you live in a smaller space, the hours will add up. The average American spends nearly six hours a week cleaning their house.

Imagine what that time could be used for if you didn’t have to clean?

If you attempt to cut down on that cleaning time, chances are, the job isn’t getting done properly. It’s time efficiency vs. cleanliness: but you don’t have to make that choice. It’s completely possible to have both — just maybe not by working alone. 

Hire someone to do the job for you, and you can spend that six hours or more on something else while your house is spotless. There are only so many hours in the day.

2. They Can Actually Save You a Lot of Money

Many people are reluctant to commit to pro cleaning services because of the cost involved. They imagine that paying someone to clean their house is going to be far more expensive than doing the job themselves.

It’s not always true.

Not only does cleaning require supplies, but it also requires professional equipment. They’re expensive to go out and purchase but if you hire professional house cleaning, all that equipment comes included.

Yes, it is an added expense, but it shaves money off elsewhere and balances out. If you have a company that provides the cleaning service for you, there’s no need to keep most cleaning products in your house. 

One thing you can delete from the shopping list!

3. They Can Work on Your Schedule

You don’t necessarily have to fit in with the schedule of cleaning services. You can usually work together to find a schedule that works for you.

If you’d like your house cleaned while you’re working so that you get off work to a clean, tidy house, great. If you’d like it done on the weekends while you’re relaxing, that’s fine too.

Professional cleaning services have flexible hours, because they know their clients’ schedules are important. 

It’s all a matter of talking to the company and finding out what works for you both. 

4. Keep Your Energy for the Activities You Love

So say you do have the six hours a week to spare for cleaning. You dedicate your entire Saturday afternoon to it, which doesn’t matter, because you don’t usually have plans on that day anyway.

By the time it comes to the evening, you might be too tired to do anything else. Going out with friends feels much better when it’s done after a day of relaxing than after a day of cleaning, running around trying to get everything done before you can allow yourself to have fun.

Proper cleaning doesn’t just take up time, but it takes up valuable energy too. Professional house cleaning comes with advantages even for those who do have the time to do their own cleaning. 

You’ll see a huge difference in how motivated you are when your house is free of clutter.

5. You’ll Never Be Able to Clean as Well as a Professional

The truth of the matter is, you’ll probably never be able to clean as well as a professional company.

These professionals are trained in getting into every corner and making sure your house is in top condition. There are times when you simply can’t get a stain out of a rug, or when the pet smell is lingering long after you think you’ve scrubbed everything to perfection, and this is where cleaning companies really shine. 

Even if you haven’t cleaned your house to this standard in far too long, they can have everything looking as good as new.

All of those old smells you keep catching whiffs of, that stain you keep catching in the corner of your eye that’s driving you insane but you’ve made your peace with — they can be gotten rid of. You aren’t stuck with them!

There’s no shame in not being as good as a professional. That’s what they’re trained to do, after all, and the services are well worth it.

All in All, They’re Life-Changing!

Professional house cleaning services are life-changing. They’ll free up your time so you can dedicate it to your work, hobbies, family and friends — whatever is important to you.

They’ll also keep your house in top condition so that you can feel safe and relaxed in the space, and would be proud to show your home to any guest that you might have over.

The cost is usually well worth it when compared to the cost of personal cleaning equipment, and the result certainly is!

Contact us to discuss making your home look and feel amazing.

5 Signs You’re in Need of Deck Repair

deck repair

Do you think that your deck is in need of a repair? Maybe it’s been out in the elements for many years, and you think that it could use a touch-up.

Perhaps the deck is starting to show its age and is in desperate need of a new deck staining.

Whatever the case might be, there are several signs that your deck is due for a repair to some degree. 

Here are many different telltale signs that you should consider a deck repair. Be sure to consider all of these signs as you determine whether or not to undergo this project.

1. The Railings Move When Touched

Railings aren’t just added on to make the deck look more complete, they serve a very important purpose.

They’re installed to make sure that your family is protected from falling off the side of the deck. Depending on how high up the deck is, that risk could lead to serious injury.

One of the biggest signs that your railings need to be replaced is when they start to move when someone leans on them.

If you hear a creaking noise and see the movement as you or someone else places weight on them, then it’s time to take action.

Start by contacting a deck repair expert and scheduling a time for them to come and inspect your railings. They will be able to identify the problem and give you a quote for having the railings fixed/replaced.

The next time that you notice your railings are jostling around, don’t ignore it. Take action to prevent any future injury!

2. Deck Boards Are in Bad Shape

Every deck owner knows the importance of quality deck boards. After all, they’re the very thing that you walk on when you’re using the deck.

However, many people ignore the signs that their deck board actually needs to be replaced.

The first sign is when you notice that your wood is beginning to splinter. Ignoring this for too long can result in some painful blisters on the bottom of your foot

Secondly, you might begin to see cracks within the boards, which is one of the first signs of deterioration. In other words, your deck boards have been compromised and need to be looked at by a professional.

Even with exceptional upkeep, the elements that your deck has to endure will ultimately lead to it needing to be replaced. As the homeowner, it’s crucial that you keep an eye out for when that day comes, and take the proper steps to replace it.

3. Discoloration or Rot on the Wood

The very second you notice signs of rotting on any portion of your deck, you need to reach out to an expert.

Rotting wood is something that there’s no going back from. There’s no way to improve it or delay the inevitable catastrophe headed your way.

In fact, rotted wood could one day lead to you or a loved one having their foot fall through the boards.

Rotted wood is more common than many people believe. It starts with water damage, which could begin if the wood isn’t refinished every year or two.

One of the best ways to identify rotted wood before holes start to form is by keeping an eye out for discoloration in your wood.

Once you find a discolored spot, grab a nail and push down on the discolored wood with the nail. If the wood is soft and allows you to push the nail down into it, then you’re dealing with rotted wood.

You will also notice that, instead of beading up, the wood will absorb any water that is placed onto it.

4. The Tasks Are Piling Up

Perhaps the deck that you’re dealing with was already installed when you purchased the house.

If so, then you might feel as if the deck has been more of an issue than an amenity. The tasks are starting to add up, and you feel like you’re spending every weekend focusing on deck maintenance.

Sadly, those tedious tasks are only delaying the inevitable. If the issues are starting to pile up against you, then it’s time to reach out to a trusted deck repair company to get things fixed.

This will allow you the opportunity to renovate the deck in whatever way you’ve been wanting to.

Maybe you want to get the deck a little more in-tune with your backyard’s theme. Be sure to consider many different options and reach out to a deck repair company to see what they would recommend.

5. Your Deck Is Nailed to Your House

If the deck came with your home when you purchased it, then you might be wondering how old the deck actually is. 

One of the biggest telltale signs is going underneath your deck and inspecting how the builder connected it to the house.

You should hope to find it connected by nuts and bolts. They’re a strong and reliable option that all deck builders now use.

However, if you find that your deck was nailed into the house, then your deck is much older than you thought. That method is no longer used by deck builders because it isn’t as reliable. 

Schedule Your Deck Repair Today!

Now that you’ve seen the signs that you need a deck repair, it’s time to schedule one with a trusted company.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to effectively restore your deck.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

Staining vs Painting Your Deck: Which Is Better?

staining vs painting

When finishing a deck, there’s one major question on everybody’s minds – should you stain or paint?

There’s a lot of debate as to which of these options is better when it comes to outdoor decks. That’s why here at Deck Doc, we have detailed exactly which option is superior for decking so that you don’t get confused about your next job.

Read on to find out who wins between staining vs painting and why you should choose one over the other for your deck.

Staining vs Painting: A Question of Water

With decking, the first thing you need to bear in mind is that it will always be subject to the elements. Decking is outdoors, and the outdoors plays host to hail, snow, water, wind, and all manner of other aspects that could affect your build.

Where this is an important aspect of the question of staining vs painting is in terms of rain. Your deck will get rained on at some point, that’s a guarantee.

You need to pick a waterproof finish to make sure your deck doesn’t get wrecked by rainfall. With paint, it simply doesn’t withstand the rain as well as staining.

Painted decks can begin to peel due to excessive rainfall, which absolutely ruins your finish. In worst-case scenarios, this would mean needing to repaint the whole thing again or replace the deck entirely.

But with staining, you’re not going to run into this problem. The main point of a deck finish, as well as making your deck look great, is making sure it lasts longer, and in that respect, you need to go with staining.

Winner: Staining is waterproof and therefore lasts longer.

How Does It Look?

With decking finishes, you want to make sure it looks great. Paint does offer more hues and colors than staining, but that makes your deck look garish.

Just because paint can look great on the walls of your house doesn’t mean it translates well to your deck. Decks simply look better when they have a more natural look that emphasizes the wood and materials they were built with.

With decking, overuse of color isn’t as appealing as going for a well-finished natural look. Staining provides this natural look with ease thanks to how it is applied.

Staining gets into the very pores of your wood and accentuates the existing color it possesses. Not only that, but it can accentuate some of the more natural bumps and grooves in the wood you’ve used also. This really makes your deck look refined, rustic, and vivid no matter the weather.

Winner: Staining provides a more natural look.

Does It Cause Any Rot?

When it comes to maintaining your deck you need to avoid any form of wood rot at all cost. This can infect the foundations of your deck and mean you have to tear the whole thing out and replace it.

That causes a great deal more work than you want. It also weakens the structure of the deck which can cause accidents in the long run.

When applying paint to a deck, it’s only a surface-level application. It sits on the top of the wood as an additional layer, rather than integrating entirely with the wood and its grooves. 

This makes your wood more susceptible to wood rot. This happens when moisture, caused by rain or otherwise, leaks under the paint layer and into your wood. As we mentioned before, that layer of paint isn’t waterproof!

Thanks to how it’s applied, staining provides a more comprehensive covering over your wood. It gets into the grooves and binds itself to the shaping of your deck, rather than just sitting atop it.

This protects it better from moisture and prevents wood rot affecting your decking. This means your deck lasts even longer than you’d hoped for and is also less likely to discolor.

Winner: Staining prevents wood rot, whereas paint doesn’t protect from moisture well enough to prevent it.

Does It Create a Slippery Surface?

With a deck finish, you don’t want to affect the slipperiness of the surface too much. This can cause people to slip on your deck and hurt themselves, which is the last thing you want!

People might wrongly assume that staining a surface makes it slippery, but this isn’t the case. Staining actually tends to be flatter, and once they’ve properly incorporated into the wood they don’t enhance slipperiness. This is thanks in part to how they integrate with the wood rather than lay atop it as we mentioned in the above section.

Though it does differ depending on which paint you use, painting your deck is more likely to make it slippery compared with staining. That means that not only is painting concealing the beauty of the wood you’ve used, rather than enhancing it like staining, it’s also making your deck more dangerous to traverse on the whole.

If you’re concerned about safety in your deck, this is a really important point. Particularly if your deck is very high up, as any accidents could be more serious as a result. 

Winner: Staining is less slippery than paint and results in fewer accidents on your deck.

What’s the Verdict?

To conclude the argument of staining vs painting, it’s clear to see that staining is the superior option when it comes to decking finishes.

It works to show off the beauty of the wood you’ve used for your decking rather than mask it in color. It’s also safer, thanks to being less slippery.

To add to that, it lasts longer thanks to the fact that its waterproof and doesn’t trap moisture, meaning your wood is less likely to rot.

Now you know this, you want to know where to find staining services for your deck. Here at Deck Doc, we offer professional staining services for all decks with an emphasis on preserving the quality of your decking.

To receive a free estimate on our deck staining service, make sure you contact us directly today!

Tips on How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

Are you getting ready to sell your home? If so, experts recommend that you do several things to will increase buyer interests in your home and help you receive top dollar. Following are some tips on how to prepare your home for selling from real estate experts.

Deep Clean from Top to Bottom
Dust and clean every room in your home, from floor to ceiling and every nook and cranny in between. Also, make sure all services shine- floors, counters, fixtures, and so on. Given the importance of a deep cleaning if you do not have time or the desire to deep clean your home, consider hiring a reputable professional cleaning service, such as Property refresh.

Remove Junk and Clutter
You want buyers to focus on how awesome your space is, not how messy it looks. Banish that piles of shoes from the entry, that stack of mail from the kitchen table and anything else that detracts from your home’s gorgeous features.

Pressure Wash Exterior Surfaces
By power washing the exterior of your home (siding, sidewalks and driveway) will remove dirt and grime that makes your home’s exterior look dreary and worn down. The results will be a cleaner, more inviting home wilth significantly better curb appeal. Pressure washing is more difficult than it appears. It requires the correct technique, otherwise it can cause damage. Consider hiring professional power washers.

Boost the curb appeal
More than one buyer will decide not to even enter a home based on its curb appeal, so make sure your home’s exterior looks excellent. Trim your shrubs, weed your flower beds, fix any peeling paint and keep the walkway clear. Just adding a row of potted plants along the walkway or a cheerful wreath to your front door can make a big difference.

Gutters and Pressure Wash
To maximize your home’s curb appeal, consider hiring someone to clean out your gutters and pressure wash your home’s siding, sidewalks, driveway, and/or deck. Not only will this significantly add to your home’s curb appeal, it also conveys a well-kept, managed home.

Maintain Landscape
Keeping your yard properly maintained, which is essential to enhancing your home’s cub appeal. Regularly mow, weed and water it.

Wash Windows Inside and Out
Make sure your windows are sparklingly clean from the inside, out. Not only does this contribute to curb appeal and a clean home presentation, it also improves how natural light appears in rooms. Also, you will be confidently prepared to open up blinds and curtains when it’s time to show your home.

Highlight focal points. Draw buyers’ eyes towards any special features with bright colors or accents like plants. A pop of red throw pillows can draw a buyer’s attention to that lovely window seat. A striking fern on the mantle can show off your fireplace.

Ideally, perspective buyers will be able to easily envision living in your home. This ability is improved when a home is depersonalized. Depersonalized means taking down and storing items such as photograph, hobby collections, toys, trophies, fridge magnets, bathroom counter items, and so on.

Fix and Repair
The goal is to present your home in the best possible condition, for maximum buyer interest and sale price. Whenever possible fix problems and repair issues. Some top priority tasks might include repairing a leaky roof, replacing a broken window, paint over scuff marks and so on.

Tidy Up Closets
Home buyers appreciate and want enough storage space which is why it’s a big selling point. Neat, well-organized, spacious will show that your home offers enough space. Conversely, if your closets are jammed packed, they will convey the opposite- your closets will seem too small.

Repaint Walls
A simple fresh coat of paint can uplift and brighten a room. When it comes to selling a home, it is best to stick with neutral colors (tans and white tones). These colors appeal to more buyers; they also support room focus without being distracted by the wall’s color.

Remove Bad Odors
Regularly inspect your home for any unpleasant smells and neutralize the air. If you own cats, hide the litter box and make sure there are no pet smells lingering. Some savvy homeowners will strategically place natural inviting smells in rooms prior to a showing- such as fresh flowers or freshly baked cookies. Tip: Avoid using scented air fresheners which may cause an allergic or unpleasant reaction from guests.

Light, Light, Light
Buyers want to see, really see, the home. Consequently, experts recommend opening up all blinds and curtain, while having all lights turned on. Also, add lamps/lighting to any dim areas. Brightly lit spaces look cheerier, larger and are more inviting.

Stage Your Spaces
Do not assume the prospective buyer is going to know how to use a particular room. Instead, strategically stage rooms according to how they might be used. For example, make sure the office, looks and feels like an office. Add neutral décor, art, plants and future that will bring out the best in your home, while appealing to maximum buyers. Some owner’s hirer professional home stagers.

Take Great Pictures
Most people will see your home via photos before they see it in person. Those photos will either attract or repel interest. Consequently, it’s very important to take clear, bright, professional looking photos that presents your home in the very best light.

Get rid of personal items. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in your home, so remove anything overly personal, like family photos in the hallway or your kids’ artwork on the fridge.

Make something yummy. Realtors don’t put out fresh cookies at open houses just to treat buyers; a “homey” smell like baking cookies or bread can help people connect with a kitchen. Not a baker? Fake it with a scented candle.

About Property Refresh
Property Refresh offers satisfaction guaranteed house cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning and window washing services throughout Chicagoland. Call 224-386-4836 to schedule your free, no obligation in-home estimate.

Gutter Cleanings Will Saves You Money

Only a well functioning gutter system can protect your home from water damage. When gutters and downspouts are filled with debris and/or clogged, they do not perform correctly. Water can back up, become misdirected and damage your roof, basement, foundation, roof, fascia, soffits, paint and siding. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to spot the damage until it’s too late.

Often overlooked, cleaning your gutters is one of the most important home or building maintenance projects you can do. Experts recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year: in the spring and fall. Failing to regularly maintain your gutters can lead to unwanted and expensive problems down the road.

A major problem with clogged gutters is that water doesn’t properly drain away from the home. Instead, it drains in places where it can (and often does) cause damage from the roof to your basement. Moreover, the weight of water-logged debris often leads to gutter system damages. Acting as Mother Nature’s sponges, as debris absorbs rain water it becomes extremely heavy. This weight puts stress on gutters and fixtures, which can cause them to pull away from your home.

Forgetting or delaying cleaning your gutters can end up being a very costly. Like many other people, you may dread the prospect of climbing up a ladder and cleaning your gutters. Consequently, you may find it easier to have them professionally cleaned in the spring and fall. This will help ensure your gutter system is properly cleaned to prevent costly repairs later.

About Property Refresh
Property Refresh offers satisfaction guaranteed house cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning and window washing services throughout Chicagoland. Call 224-386-4836 to schedule your free, no obligation in-home estimate.

Science Reveals How Clutter Impacts You

Science Reveals How Clutter Impacts You

How does clutter impact you? Recent scientific research offers significant insight into this question. Overtime, homeowners accumulate stuff that often turns into unsightly cluttered. Some eventually grow accustom to it. Others perpetually want to address it, but never seem to find the time or desire to do it. However, based on numerous scientific research studies, if appears that decluttering your home is essential for actualizing numerous benefits, including optimal health.

Household clutter involves the accumulation of seldom used items and/or spaces filled with too much stuff (e.g. corners, basements, junk drawers, closets, attics, garages, and so on.). There have been numerous research studies on how clutter impacts individuals. They reveal that clutter leads to conscious and unconscious stress that impacts individuals on biologically and neurologically levels. In particularly, household clutter can negatively impact focus, concentration, creativity, cortisol levels and how in pain is experienced.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression
According to experts, constant clutter can lead to a perpetual state of low-grade, perpetual state of fight-or-flight, hidden, biological reactions, which negatively impact a person’s overall health. A 2009 study from UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families (CELF) revealed that women who perceive their homes to be cluttered tend to have unhealthy cortisol level patterns. Moreover, a clutter, messy environment can prevent their cortisol levels from naturally declining during the day. This can lead to increase anxiety and depression, while reducing the ability focus and concentrate.

More Productive, Focused and Less Irritable
According to the CEFL study, the level of stress experienced by woman at home was directly proportionate to the amount of stuff in their environment. “Conversely, in a Princeton University Neuroscience Institute study research found that participants were less irritable, more focused and more productive in organized environments verses clutter, disorganized spaces. “more productive, less irritable and distracted in the clutter-free environment versus the disorganized environment where their stress increased”. The Princeton researchers concluded that clutter in an environment can overload a person’s visual cortex. This creates stressful competition for attention in our brain which interferes with the ability to process information and focus.

Unhealthy Habits and Physical Activity
Coping On top of all this, according to a 2016 Cornell University study, stress that is caused by clutter might lead to avoidance and unhealthy coping strategies such as sleeping too much, binge-watching tv, or eating unhealthy food. Conversely, according to an Indiana University study discovered a correlation between a clean home and physical fitness. Research participants with cleaner homes exercised more often than those with less kept homes. “At the end of the day, the interior condition of their house seemed to be the only thing affecting their physical activity,” stated activity expert Nicole Keith.

Do you want to experience less stress, anxiety and depression while gaining better health, focus and overall well-being? If so, consider decluttering your home and work environments. Regular housecleaning services is a great way to maintain a clutter-free and clean environment.

About Property Refresh
Property Refresh offers satisfaction guaranteed house cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning and window washing services throughout Chicagoland. Call 224-386-4836 to schedule your free, no obligation in-home estimate.

12 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Wash and Winterize Windows
Taking time to thoroughly wash your windows, inside and out, will help to prepare them for winter weather. Also, before it gets too cold outside, dedicate a day to winterizing windows and doors. This will help to prevent energy draining drafts.

Clean Gutters
Most experts recommend cleaning out your home gutters twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. Those who live near lots of trees may need to do this more frequently or install gutter guards.

Remove Air-Conditioners
With summer ending, it is time to remove, inspect, clean and store air conditioner(s).

Clean and Reverse Ceiling Fan Direction
Fans that spin clockwise distribute warm air. Conversely, fans that spin clockwise push air down. If you need to change fan directions, turn the fan and wait until blades come to a complete stop, find the switch and change the direction.

Check Smoke Detectors
Properly working smoke detectors is essential for the safety and protection of home owners. Yet, it’s easy to forget to check them. Making this part of your fall and spring home maintenance lists will ensure it get done. For safety reasons, this a good time to also vacuum out the detectors with a small brush and replace the batteries.

Yard Clean Up
Along with raking leaves, now is the time to prepare your yard for hibernation. This may involve turning off facets, draining your water system, storing outdoor furniture and equipment.

Power Wash Deck, Siding and Other Surfaces
Make sure your deck, siding and other surfaces are clean before the harsh winter hits to reduce the chances of damage caused by debris and dust.

Deck Inspection
Now is the time to inspect your deck for any issues including warped boards, mold, rot, cracks, mildew and rot. Also, due to winter moisture, it’s important to make sure your deck is properly sealed. Sprinkle water on the boards. If the deck absorbs the liquid, it’s time to reseal it.

Clean Dryer Vents and Exhaust Ducts
Overtime, vents and exhaust ducts can get filled with dust and lint, which pose a fire risks. This is why it is important to regularly clean them.

Fireplace and Chimney
Make sure your fireplace is ready for winter. Inspect it with a flashlight. Also, check to ensure the damper functions properly and that it’s free of any objects such as nests, branches, and leaves.

Chimney Cleaning and Heating System Maintenance
Before the cold hits, ensure your home’s furnace, boiler and/or chimney are properly cleaned and are properly functioning before you use them. If necessary, hire professionals to conduct the inspections and cleanings.

Deep Clean
While we are all familiar with spring cleaning, fall is also a good time to do some deep cleaning and decluttering before it gets icey cold outside.

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12 Unanticipated Benefits of a Clean Home

Most people live busy lives and find it difficult to carve out time for regular and deep home cleanings. Yet, there are few things in life that yield as many diverse benefits as a clean home. Fortunately, for those who don’t have time or dread cleaning, there are reputable companies, such as Property Refresh, that offer professional housekeeping services. When it come to a clean home environment, here are twelve unexpected benefits.

Healthier Environment
A dusty and dirty home can increase the spread of bacteria and colds. Also, lurking dust mites, mold and pet dander can trigger and sustain allergic reactions, decrease air quality and increase asthma problems. Consequently, a clean, dust-free, home is an easy way to provide you and your family with a healthy environment.

Increased Organization
Most people live busy lives. An unkept, disorganized, home can make it day-to-day activities a bit more challenging. It can be unnecessarily difficult to find things. A clean home is innately more organized, making it easier to navigate and find things.

Reduce Risks
Clutter around a home can pose some safety risks, particularly when it comes to small children. Maintaining a clean and well-kept home reduces the likelihood of trips, falls and other accidents.

“Falls and fires are two leading causes of injuries and deaths inside the home,” says Gary Bettenhausen, Bureau Chief of EMS from the Oak Lawn Fire Department. “Tripping over objects and slipping on slick surfaces can cause head injuries and broken and sprained limbs, which can result in a trip to the hospital emergency room.”

Peace and Tranquility
Most people can emotionally feel the difference between entering a messy verses clean home. The former is far more likely to induce pleasant feelings, including a sense of peace and tranquility. Conversely, going home to a unkempt and disorganized illicit unpleasant and stressful emotions.

“When you live in a messy home, you are subconsciously reminded of work that needs to be finished and visually, your eyes do not have a place to rest,” says Dr. Rian Rowles, a psychiatrist in Oak Lawn, Ill. “Too much clutter can cause tremendous stress and fatigue.”

Supports Happiness
Life is short; happiness matters. Few, if any, people are happier living in a unkept, disorganized home. Most are usually much happier dwelling in a clean and organized space.

Ready for Visitors
It’s not difficult to imagine the fear and dread that comes from receiving unexpected guests when your home isn’t clean. By maintaining a clean abode, there is no need fear or dread unexpected visitors. Also, you will not need to race around less minute tidying things up.

Find What You Need
Hide and seek isn’t always a fun game, particularly if your short on time. Among other things, a clean and tidy home makes it far easier to find things. In a clean, organized and well-dept home, everything has it’s place.

You Save Money
Being able to find what you need can save money. It reduces the chances of purchasing something you already possess. Also, your home items will tend to last longer if they are well-kept.

It Makes You More Productive
Studies show that people who live and work in clean environments are usually more focused and productive at home and work. This tends to can lead to better overall outcomes, including earning more money.

An Indiana University study discovered a correlation between a clean home and physical fitness. Research participants with cleaner homes exercised more often than those with less kept homes. “At the end of the day, the interior condition of their house seemed to be the only thing affecting their physical activity,” stated activity expert Nicole Keith.

Sense of Accomplishment
When you have your home professionally cleaned or when you do it yourself, you reap the immediate benefits, along with a feeling of efficacy and accomplishment- even if you are savvy enough to hire cleaning professionals to do the work.

Weight Loss
Cornell University researchers discovered that the state of a home may impact eating habits. The study involved setting up two test kitchens with healthy and unhealthy snacks. One kitchen was organized and the other was messy and disorganized. The study participants consumed nearly twice as many unhealthy calories when working in the messy kitchen.

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The Importance of Clean Gutters

“Many homeowners wait to get their gutters cleaned until they notice a problem. Unfortunately, this is like waiting to lower your cholesterol until you have a heart attack.”~ Robert Mackerron

Keeping your gutters and downspouts clean is an essential part of home maintenance. When they get filled or clogged with debris they stop working correctly. This leads to backed up water, which can get misdirected in ways that will damage the home’s basement, foundation, roof, soffits, siding and paint. Also, weight of water-logged debris can put undue stress on your gutters and fixtures causing damage. This can also lead them to pull away from your home. damage your gutters.

Experts warn against waiting to clean your gutters until you notice a problem, it could be too late. Instead, they recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year to maintain a healthy, properly functioning gutter system. This will help prevent future expensive and unpleasant gutter related problems.

Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning
• Prevents home and landscaping damages caused by misdirected water.
• Avoid nesting birds, mosquitoes, termites and other insects that are attracted to the moisture and warmth of clogged gutters.
• Assists with the maintenance of a home’s appearance and value.

Putting off cleaning your gutters can become very costly. Some may dread the task and prospect of climbing a ladder cleaning your gutters can end up being a very costly. That is why many homeowners hire gutter cleaning professionals twice a year to complete this important, yet unpleasant, task. Moreover, doing this ensures their gutters are cleaned and their system is working properly.

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Property Refresh offers satisfaction guaranteed house cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning and window washing services throughout Chicagoland. Call 224-386-4836 to schedule your free, no obligation in-home estimate.